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Welcome to a new dimension of storytelling  At Lineage Publishers, our Audiobook Services are designed to breathe life into your narrative, creating an immersive experience that resonates with listeners far and wide.

Why Choose Our audio book services ?

Narrative Brilliance

Our team of skilled narrators and voice artists bring your story to life, infusing it with emotion, depth, and a captivating tone that engages listeners from start to finish.

Technical Expertise

Crafting an audiobook is more than narration. Our technical team ensures seamless production, from quality sound engineering to expert editing, delivering an audiobook that meets industry standards.

Platform Compatibility

Whether its Audible, iTunes, or other major audiobook platforms, we ensure your audiobook is formatted for optimal compatibility, maximizing its availability to a global audience.

Character Casting

Each character in your story is unique, and our casting process ensures that every voice is carefully chosen to convey the essence and individuality of your characters.

Engaging Soundscapes

¬†Elevate your narrative with carefully curated soundscapes, adding layers of ambiance and emotion that enhance the listener’s experience.

Why Choose audio books ?

Versatile Accessibility

Audiobooks offer a flexible and accessible format, allowing listeners to enjoy your story while on the go.

Global Reach

Audiobooks open doors to a global audience, breaking down language barriers and connecting your story with diverse listeners.

Enhanced Engagement

Immerse listeners in your narrative with the power of voice, creating a memorable and emotionally resonant experience.

How It Works ?
We begin with a consultation to understand your vision, the tone of your story, and your preferences for narration.
Recording and Editing
Skilled narrators bring your story to life, and our technical team ensures each recording is polished to perfection.
Our casting process involves selecting the perfect narrators to convey the nuances of your story.
Quality Assurance
Rigorous quality checks are conducted to guarantee that your audiobook meets the highest industry standards.
Script Adaptation
Our team adapts the script to optimize it for the audiobook format, ensuring a seamless and engaging listening experience.
Distribution Support
We assist in optimizing your audiobook for distribution on major platforms, maximizing its reach to listeners around the world.

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Our Misson

Crafting Literary Journeys, One Story at a Time

Our Vision

Empowering Dreams, Inspiring Stories

At Lineage Publishers, our mission is to be the premier destination for authors seeking to bring their stories to life. We are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized services, from expert book publishing and innovative marketing to dynamic author websites and captivating book designs. Our mission is to guide and support writers at every step, ensuring their literary journeys are seamless, enjoyable, and marked by success.

At Lineage Publishers, we envision a world where every voice, every story, and every dream has the power to inspire and captivate. Our vision is to be the catalyst that empowers authors, from emerging talents to seasoned wordsmiths, to share their unique narratives with the world. We believe in fostering a literary landscape where creativity knows no bounds, and every story has the potential to leave an indelible mark on hearts and minds.


You are in command of it all: Our clients retain complete publication rights, maintain total control of their accounts, and receive 100% of the earnings. We guide you seamlessly through every step of the process.
Books are crafted for sales: Every endeavor begins with a strategy to make your book discoverable. After all, marketing a book no one can find is futile. We prioritize creating your book in a way that ensures visibility and engagement.